PLA joins MN Lakes and Rivers organization

There is important work to be done together to preserve the Minnesota lake heritage we all love. The aquatic invasive species threatening our lake threaten lakes and economies statewide. There’s hope and exciting news on a state-wide front; the Lessard Sams Outdoor Heritage Council has included $3.65 million for pilot programs expanding
decontamination units. In 2012, the Minnesota legislature appropriated $16 million to create an Aquatic Invasive Species Cooperative Research Center at the University of Minnesota which is researching zebra mussel control, see: meetings with state and local exports, the Pike Lake Association has realized the value of partnering with other lakes and lake associations towards our shared goals.

The PLA will be joining Minnesota Lakes and Rivers (MLR). MLR is the lead state-wide organization in these efforts. Consider signing up for their email alerts and joining their outreach efforts. We’ll share more information about what is happening at a statewide
level in the winter with the Legislative Session underway; in the meantime you may visit: www.